Portrait of a woman changing her mood

Portrait of a woman changing her mood

I ran my first live webinar this week!  I was so excited, being able to speak to people right across the world from my therapy room in rural Northamptonshire on the subject of Train Your Brain for Success.  I’d been preparing for it all day and as the allotted hour of 7pm got closer I made my final preparations – so in Thrapston that night it was early dinner for me to give me all the energy I needed to keep my excitement going; the cats had been fed, played with and tucked up in their blankets so they wouldn’t disturb me; my husband was banished; I had 2 glasses of water at the ready; my phone was on silent, the landline unplugged…I was ready for the countdown.  3…2…1….go!


When I say I ran my first live webinar this week, what I actually meant is that I didn’t run my first live webinar!  Sadly technology was not on my side on Monday evening and as I launched live across the world it quickly became apparent that no one could hear me.  I double, triple checked everything to make sure it wasn’t me making a silly mistake, my moderator 25 miles away in Peterborough frantically double and triple checked everything I had already checked but to no avail.  After over half an hour of my callers being very patient with me I had to abandon the webinar with the promise of a re-run very soon and a feeling of disappointment.

It was a very interesting experience for me, not because I learnt something about technology, or running webinars, but because I learnt something about myself.  I realised how far I’d come from the old, anxiety ridden me, to where I am today.

In the past this would have completely thrown me – the panic would have been rising from the moment silence reigned down, my stomach would have been churning, I’d have felt sick in the pit of my stomach as the palpitations began.  I would probably have come away from the abandoned call in tears.  I would have struggled to sleep that night going over and over the event and I would have continued with these thoughts the whole week with the underlying feeling that I just wasn’t good enough.  And I would not have wanted to run another webinar!

But that is not how it went.  What hypnotherapy has taught me, both as a client, a student and now as a practitioner, helped me to deal with the situation in a completely different way.  I stayed calm throughout which allowed me to access all the knowledge I had about how the webinar system worked, this meant I was able to communicate clearly with my callers through the messaging facility on the webinar about the issues even though they couldn’t hear my voice. By the time the decision to abandon the webinar came I felt confident that everything had been tried, there was nothing more I could do.  So, disappointed as I was that it hadn’t gone to plan, I was able to rationalise it, shrug it off, have a good nights sleep and rescue the situation the following day by providing everyone with a recording of the webinar they should have heard the night before.  And the event hasn’t consumed my thoughts.  My week has just got better and better as my focus shifts to running the next webinar.  And I still feel excited about it, no feelings of dread or doom.

My hypnotherapy clients will be familiar with the two different scenarios I outlined above and with my explanation that the first one comes from the primitive, flight or fight brain and that the second one comes from our intellectual sensible one.  I explain the difference between these two parts of our brain multiple times a day, 5 days a week to help my clients live their lives free of anxiety and stress. I explain to them that it isn’t the events in our lives that causes the anxiety to build up enough that our primitive brain takes over, it’s how we choose to think about them that causes the problems.  But my experience with the webinar on Monday was a great, real life reminder of all that.

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