1479_Zebra_60x87Of course, there are lots of differences! A zebra has 4 legs and we only have two; a zebra has those amazing stripes and we don’t; zebra’s don’t live in houses… I could go on!

But I don’t want to talk about any of those, I want to talk about the difference between zebra’s and humans that will make you think about the way you think very differently!

When a zebra is chased by a lion it’s body goes into flight or fight mode, flooding it’s system with stress hormones to help it run faster, shutting down any unnecessary systems in its body so that all its resources can be put into surviving.

So there are no difference between zebra’s and humans yet – we do exactly the same. Faced with a lion our stress response floods our system with cortisol which makes our heart race faster, increases our blood pressure, tenses up all our muscles all to help us run faster. It even turns off our digestive system as that isn’t important enough to warrant the resources spent on keeping it up and running, which is why we often get that sinking or fluttery feeling in our tummies.
Now here is where the difference lies (apart from the stripes of course). Once the zebra gets away from the lion it quickly goes back to grazing. The levels of stress hormones reduce and its digestive system, immune system and other bodily functions go back to normal.

As humans however, we think about what just happened – over and over again. And because our brain doesn’t know the difference between imagination and reality our bodies mistakenly remain in our emergency flight or fight state continuing to release our stress hormones into our system hampering our immune system, our digestive system and our general health and wellbeing.

The good news is we don’t often find ourselves face to face with a lion! The bad news is our brain sees lions, money worries, relationship issues and work stresses as the same thing. It’s not what we worry about that gets us in to difficulty, it’s the sheer volume of how much we worry that causes us to remain in a permanent flight or fight state. After all, if we are that worried about something our brain has no choice but to presume that a lion is coming for us! It’s our overthinking like this that gets so many of us in to trouble and struggling with anxiety.

So how can we be more zebra?

It is our own mind generating these thoughts, not someone or something out of our control – it’s our own minds. Tools like mindfulness, meditation and hypnotherapy can all be helpful to give us back control of our own thought processes.

It is possible to turn off our worrying overthinking, but it does take a conscious effort to retrain your brain not to generate so many worrying thoughts.
Which is why I developed my online training course, Train Your Brain for Success. It gives you the knowledge and techniques you can put into action straight away to help you take back control of your over active mind.

So if you want to be more zebra sign up to my free online webinar and start to Train Your Brain for Success!

Caroline is a Clinical Hypnotherapist practising from her therapy room in Thrapston, Northamptonshire. She works with people to help them reduce stress and anxiety so they can reach their full potential in their work and home life.

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