The Train Your Brain for Success Team are available to book for talks and bespoke workshops and one-to-one sessions.

Workshop Options

Our highly interactive workshops provide your team with all the knowledge and techniques they need to help them be more focused, creative and productive, and ultimately more successful!  We share with your team a number of simple, but highly effective techniques they cause immediately that will literally change the way their brains work. Every attendee will leave with an action plan and access to further online information.  A closed Facebook group helps keep everyone on track with the option of further follow up group calls and webinars.  Find our more information by downloading our workshop options here.

“The best money I ever spent on training! I found Train Your Brain for Success so helpful. Understanding exactly how your brain works helps to propel you forward in your business.  The knowledge we learnt has helped my team overcome so many mental troubles and obstacles and given us actions and activities we can put in place. I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to grow their business and develop at a personal level. It has helped me achieve so much with my team”   Claire Harrison, Arbonne “In 10 years of networking yours was one of the most professional, entertaining deliveries I have ever attended. What a wonderful presentation. It was obvious not only did you know your subject, but your enthusiasm came across in bucket loads. Thank you!” Frank Rodgers, SpokeGuards

Caroline Prout

Clinical Hypnotherapist DHP HPD MNCH (Reg.)

Caroline’s passion and purpose is helping people reach their full potential and it is this that led to her retraining in clinical hypnotherapy before setting up her own hypnotherapy practice in Northampton where she helps people who want to take back control from stress and anxiety, helping them to reach their full potential. She says “Imagine waking up every morning with a calm, focused mind, having absolute confidence that you excel at what you do. What difference would that make to your day? That is just the kind of result I get for my clients and it is frequently life changing for them”. Caroline is also Director of Inspired to Change Associates Ltd, the UK’s leading provider of solution-focused hypnotherapy services, where her role is to lead, support and develop a rapidly growing team of associate hypnotherapists across the UK, enabling them to build and run their own successful practices. To book Caroline for a talk or bespoke workshop contact her on 07729 801 247 or by email

Gary Johannes

Clinical Hypnotherapist DHP HPD MNCH (Reg.)

Gary’s passion and purpose is helping people to grow and to be the best version of themselves and finding that he had a natural talent for picking enabling success for people, he retrained in solution-focused hypnotherapy and set up Inspired To Change, initially his own practice and now the leading provider of solution-focused hypnotherapy services nationally. Gary is also a senior lecturer for CPHT (The Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy School) in Peterborough and Birmingham where he teaches the most up to date neuro-science based hypnotherapeutic techniques to students from all over the country. He also runs Peterborough Does Business, Peterborough’s most prestigious business networking and growth platform in the region and is the Director of Growth for enACT, Real Masterminding for small businesses. He says “I’m a very fast learner and so it doesn’t take me long to pick something new up and run with it, and because I am hugely driven and I don’t see obstacles where others might.  I also see things that others don’t, which includes opportunities, but also values and attributes in people that have not been previously spotted. I get my greatest pleasure from seeing other people succeed and because I have an intuitive sense of a persons’ sense of purpose, I am able to help them maximise that”. To book Gary for a talk or bespoke workshop contact him on 07780 592 625 or by email

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